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Voted Best of Boulder 2004!

Liberal Advisory!

UMC 445

2004-5 CUGOP Officers

Isaiah Lechowit, President

Isaiah Lechowit Isaiah Lechowit is a conservative Okie from Tulsa, OK. He is dedicated to spreading conservative ideology on a campus full of left wing propagandists. Isaiah thrives on Republicanism and works to preserve the first and second amendments, defends the Defense Department and holds administrators accountable to the rules which they agree to work by.

Matt Schuldt, Senior Vice-President

Matthew Schuldt Matt Schuldt is a right-wing radical born in Boulder, CO. Some of the issues he is passionate about include the second amendment (and all the others), free market capitalism, freedom to practice (not freedom from!) religion, and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Amy Kramer, Vice-President, Operations

Amy Kramer Amy Kramer is a Republican from Denver, CO. Although she is a chemical engineering major, politics is her passion. She has validated her beliefs in conservative economic policy, individual responsibility, and a strong national defense through internships with U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo and Colorado governor Bill Owens.

Courtney Betker, Program Director

Courtney Betker Courtney Betker is a Republican from Castlerock, CO. She knows that the best way to a free world is through a free market. Courtney is passionate about growing our economy while making sure it benefits rest of the world.

Jeffrey O'Holleran, Men's Caucus Director

Jeffrey O'Holleran Jeffrey O'Holleran is a right-winger from Cheyenne, WY. He is an Israel supporter (along with the other officers) and believes that peace can be acheived through diplomacy and superior firepower. Jeff also acts as our Men's Caucus coordinator and heads up our Men's Resource Center.

Jessica Milstein, Women's Caucus Director

Jessica Milstein Jessica Milstein is a Republican from Greenwood Village, CO dedicated to the promotion of conservative alternatives to the liberal ideologies that are pushed on the young ladies of today's generation. She founded the Young Republicans club at her high school and currently heads up the Women's Caucus for the College Republicans where she voices the conservative side of every issue loud and proud.

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